About Vocda

Vision Community Development Association (VoCDA) is an Ethiopian Residents Charity
Organizations, which is engaged in the promotion of people’s self development
focusing on rural and semi-urban poor community who are the most vulnerable to the
problems of under development in Urban and rural areas. VoCDA has been established
in 2013 then registered with federal CSO agency as local NGO with registration number 1113/2019(2011E.C) and reregistered being the Ethiopian resident charity as per the new law.

Major Objectives of VoCDA

As stipulated in its byelaw the following are the major objectives of the VoCDA;

1) To ensure that vulnerable households secure sustainable livelihood

2) To ensure that local level community institutions are able to adopt
sustainable natural resources use and management
3) To ensure that vulnerable groups (women, girls, children, youths and elders)
are economically and socially empowered that enable them to bring equity
and equality at household, community and national level.


The General Assembly is the highest governing body of VoCDA.

VoCDA has two hierarchical structures: Executive Board for overall policy decisions, guides and oversees VoCDA’s program implementation and the Secretariat (the program implementing body, who undertakes the day-to-day activities of the organization).


To see prosperous communities where all community members use their capability and
livelihood asset to realize a sustainable livelihood,


, We exist,
To empower poor, women and vulnerable households,
To bring about sustainable development and positive social transformation;
and promote human dignity for all citizens,


To contribute to the attainment of sustainable social services, food security and community development for the rural and semi-urban poor with sustained environmental management and healthy, literate and prosperous society.


Our organizational Values are acceptable standards which govern the behavior of each individual within the organization:

  • Integrity, we work in an honest, transparent and accountable manner to discharge our duties and responsibilities,
  • Equity, we ensure that our work intends to address imbalances, to increase our commitment and to ensure our purpose of existence,
  • Quality, we work with a sense of professionalism, cost effectiveness, and value for money, 
  • Accountability, we ensure that our work is transparent and we are accountable to all stakeholders, with primarily to the community, poor and vulnerable groups we work with,
  • Respect, including treating people with dignity, valuing different viewpoints, and accepting diversity in all of its forms,