Current Projects

Vision of community development association is executing different programs based on the community need.  The programs are mainly focused on women’s socio-economic empowerment, environmental rehabilitations, conservations and advocacy, and household food security enhancement through water for development and targeted community skill enhancement approaches.  The main strategy used to address the needy community is through full participations of community and concerned stakeholders.  To this end we usually organize beneficiaries into users groups or association so as to address them easily and develop their performance capacity in organized bases. On top of this organized people are better to address and undertakes its own matters and good instrument for the development of the country as whole and its own life change in particular.

Based on this facts VoCDA currently executing new and existing projects, like women’s socio-economic empowerment, environmental rehabilitations and household food security enhancement.  These projects are supported by Tree aid, IDH-ISLA, Sher-Ethiopia and Plan-International Ethiopia.