Audit report


As legal entity the organization has bylaws and different administrative manuals for finance and personnel matters. It has also hierarchically divided as well as legally accredited by government, administrative body. The Financial system that the organization follows is based on the GAAP financial principle that governs all incomes and expenditures of the organization. All financial transactions of the organization has receipts for all collection and vouchers for all payments that are serially numbered and checked every year by all concerned stakeholders including external auditors (appointed by the organization’s general assembly). The financial audit reports of external auditors disclosed regularly every year to all stakeholders like donors, government, community and others. In confirmation to this please see the attached under audit reports menu.
Below are list of Vocda audit reports :-

  1. Audit Report 2022
  2. Audit Report 2020
  3. Audit Report 2019
  4. Audit Report 2017


External Evaluation Report

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