Discussion with Abbaa Gadaa and Haadha Siinqee at Woreda level

At woreda level one day preliminary discussions were undertaken at Batu town for consensus development purposes. In this workshop, two kebele abba-Gada and hadha-sinqee were present and discussed, agreeing to make one draft of laws developed by the two kebles for suitable environmental protection at their kebeles and neighboring kebeles. Accordingly, they have developed one ritual law for the locality …

Kebele level ritual law development ceremony

The ritual law development process was begun through community discussions and drafting ritual laws through full community representatives at their respective kebeles. The ritual law development was meant to serve as part of the government laws to protect and conserve the locality natural resources. In this ceremony abba-gada of Sikko mando, Waayyu shanaan, 2-kebeles abba-gada and hadha-siinqee of two kebeles, …

Community Conversation at Kemo-Garbi kebele level

In this event the community raised different issues of environmental protection from government center protection to cultural protection methods. Finally people of the kebele agreed to make both combined effort through cultural, community protection methods and legal and government protection mechanisms. To this end they have developed by agreement cultural protection methods through drafting bylaws.